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Coaching and Learning Institute, Portland, Oregon, also known as CLI Portland, Oregon, is a new organization dedicated to helping youth through life coaching, mentoring, and tutoring. The group was started by professional life coach Jacqueline Raphael, who was inspired by the potential for life coaching to help teenagers succeed at school and home. CLI works directly with groups and individual youth in Portland, Oregon, and other locations to help youth set and achieve goals. The Coaching and Learning Institute also supports other organizations that provide mentoring and other services to youth by helping these organizations use life coaching to meet their unique needs. CLI was recently featured in a nationally-released article for its work supporting Portland Impact's Youth MAP program (a youth mentoring program). Jacqueline Raphael was interviewed regarding her organization's efforts to train and assist mentors and staff in using innovative and fun techniques with middle school youth.

Coaching and Learning Institute
(CLI) is an organization of professionally trained life coaches who foster youth success at school, at home, and in relationships with adults and peers. We help young people who are facing challenges to make powerful decisions based on their strengths.

Coaching and Learning Institute Portland Oregon Mentoring Youth

We use positive, developmentally appropriate life coaching techniques and activities in individual and group settings. We also train staff and volunteers at existing youth-serving organizations, including schools, in our approach. We strive to be the best we can at mentoring youth in Portland Oregon, and beyond. CLI Portland strives to be a resource for mentor training in Oregon.


“When I found my otherwise confident teenager struggling with public speaking, I felt helpless because I, too, suffer from stage fright. Fortunately, we were referred to Jacqueline Raphael. She quickly established a rapport with my daughter. By using a combination of approaches involving discussions, research, and practice, she gave my daughter the insight needed to overcome her self-consciousness in front of groups. Above all, she has shown my daughter that it is much healthier and more productive to examine one’s issues rather than to avoid or ignore them.”
- J.S., Parent, speaking about the Coaching and Learning Institute, Portland, Oregon

“Jacqueline Raphael helped me work through a problem I was having with school and assisted me in finding a career path I would like to pursue.”
- J.H., High School Student

'It was great working with Jacqueline because it really got me started on looking for my dream job. She really helped me focus on my life goals and found great resources for me to use to help me get really involved."
- J.W., High School Student

“Conquering my fear of public speaking gave me confidence and the ability to run for class office and win. It was really beneficial to talk about my problem and work with a coach who could support, encourage, and push me toward my personal goals.”
- N.S., High School Student

“It’s obvious Jacqueline Raphael loves what she does.”
- H.W., Parent

Coaching and Learning Institute's work with Portland Impact and the Youth MAP program will be featured in an upcoming promising practices publication by the U.S. Department of Education's Mentoring Resource Center. Check back soon for the link. CLI Portland Oregon is proud to offer this mentoring training program to the Youth MAP program in Portland Oregon.

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