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Are you ready for a personal breakthrough? Are you ready to make the rest of your life the best of your life? You are about to gain access to a collection of 18 highly practical and actionable courses that can help you live a better life. They are carefully created to hold your hand and guide you in very easy to understand lessons.

mindset coaching

Meet Your Coach And Course Creator

Daryl Daughtry is the publisher of Personal Growth Magazine and a multi-certified coach, trainer, author, and podcaster. Daryl is the founder of an international alliance of life coaches and a certification school that has served over 60 countries. Get access and take advantage of his years of coaching and training and his ability to make difficult concepts plain and simple.

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18 Practical And Actionable Video Courses

It's on-demand coaching and training produced by a multi-certified life coach

achieve your goals


Achieve Your Goals

Get private access to our exclusive 6-stage achievement model that really works.

set boundaries


Set Your Boundaries

Boundaries are guidelines that give you say-so over your space, body, and feelings.

embrace change


Embrace Change

You can’t create new beginnings in your life without embracing personal change.

better choices


Make Better Choices

Living a better life can only begin on the other side of you making better choices.

better communication


Improve Communication

Learn how to better communicate and understand how to strategically listen.

build confidence


Build Your Confidence

No one is born with inner confidence and it’s not a special personality trait.

manage emotions


Manage Your Emotions

No one is born with inner confidence and it’s not a special personality trait.

success habits


Create Success Habits

No one is born with inner confidence and it’s not a special personality trait.

limiting thinking


Re-Label Your Identity

Your past and your imperfections shouldn't define or restrict your future.

limiting beliefs


Unlock Your Mindset

Better beliefs produce better thinking and better behavior that changes lives.



Understand Motivation

Take a look at the things that drive you and the things that drag you down.

life coaching


Legendary Life Lifters

A witty and wise collection of brief lessons from a seasoned life coach.

obstacles and setbacks


Face Obstacles & Setbacks

Challenges bring new opportunities and create an undeniable inner strength.

people problems


Deal With People Problems

Learn how to wisely cope with the difficult and annoying people in your life.



Pair Personality & Strengths

Explore your uniqueness and the things that make you feel strong.

life purpose


Find Your Life Purpose

You are special, you have value, your dreams count, and your voice matters.

renew relationships


Renew Your Relationship

Relationships are very fragile things and they require a lot of attention.

personal values


Declare Personal Values

The most important thing you will ever do is to prioritize and honor your values.

Ready to make the rest of your life the very best of your life?


Get ALL 18 Courses for ONLY $97

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On-Demand Videos

Watch them when you want to or need to and in any order you like. They are very brief, to the point, and insightful.

Simple Worksheets

You are provided with highly practical and actionable worksheets to complete. They produce clarity and direction.

Small Action Steps

Nothing will change without you taking action. You are encouraged to take smart steps towards your goals.


Easy To Understand

The life lessons are presented in a straight-forward way and are easy to pick up and apply to your personal life.

Proven Effective

This life-changing information has been successfully used by professional life coaches for years in over 60 countries.

Lifetime Access

You will continue to have access as this collection of coaching and courses grows and changes in the future.

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Are you ready for your next breakthrough? Are you?


Get ALL 18 Courses for ONLY $97

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Some of the nice things people have said about our work.

"Words cannot express the very practical techniques and tools I picked up while going through the program."

Mark A.

"If I could recommend anyone to help you with your personal development, it would be Daryl Daughtry."

Veronica S.

"Daryl Daughtry gives you established success principles that, when followed, will work every time."

Jack H.

"Daryl is an amazing life coach. With his strong principles, Daryl is a master at what he does."

Travis G.

""He has superb skills, sensitivity, and knows how to assist people to discover their purpose."

Pastor David G.

"Daryl Daughtry is driven to coach and develop leaders. I highly recommend him."

Dr. Tom C.

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They are 100% secure. Payments are processed by Stripe, a PCI-compliant processor. We only see your name and email address.

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You will have lifetime access for as long as Conquer Your Limits exists. The program is always growing and improving.

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